Blog Update!

I had the urge to write a blog a couple months ago. I had also heard about Ghost upgrades in this time and thought that I should start the blogging process by upgrading Ghost. Long story short, it broke, and I couldn't easily recreate it because you can't make $5 Ghost app droplets anymore (all my web stuff is on a droplet).

25GB isnt enough for a ghost blog install on DO 🙄

I decided to switch to another provider and try to get that working. So far so good!

Because I didn't really think this through, I don't have a super recent backup but I do have the Ghost SQLLite DB, meaning I can manually restore them with a little copy paste and some find/replace. I restored what I had, but looking at most of my posts, they didn't really seem worth restoring manually so I will leave them out. If anyone really misses some of the all star content like my favorite Chumbawamba songs, let me know.

Anyway, of course I've forgotten what it is that originally motivated me to write a blog post in the first place, but if it comes to me, I know I have a spot for it now!